» Ma chi vogliono prendere in giro! » Sit-in of Morsi supporters cleared in Cairo

Sostenitori di Morsi contrastano l'azione di sgombero della polizia.

Sostenitori di Morsi contrastano l’azione di sgombero della polizia.

epa03824512 A protester holds weapons as others take cover during clashes between protesters supporting ousted president Morsi and security forcess, at al-Mohandiseen area, in Cairo, Egypt, 14 August 2013. According to local media reports, one soldier and dozens of protesters were killed and about 200 others arrested as Egyptian security forces began clearing islamist protest camps in the capital Cairo on 14 August. The military-backed government described the protest camps as violent and unlawful. The biggest sit-ins are in north-eastern Cairo and south of the capital. EPA/ALI SABAA BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE

Manifestanti anti Morsi per le vie del Cairo

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Ciò che resta di una chiesa di Giza.