Establishment of the International Council of Christian Knights.


The Illustrious Grand Masters, Grand Priors of the Sovereign Military Orders of Templar Chivalry operating within the Roman Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church, the Old Eastern Christian Churches and Evangelical Churches, all united by faith in Christ.

While emphasizing the peculiarities and specificity of each of the different cultural and historical traditions of the Sovereign Templar Orders operating today within the Christian world, we believe that the time has come to recognize the need to be less isolated and distrustful of each other.

The spread of religious systems historically distant to our western culture, the diffusion of materialistic atheism, agnosticism, the spread of the “new age” thinking and sects of every kind, the removal of many of the spiritual values that we are used to define as “the faith of the fathers”, combined with the presence of social, political and economic problems in the contemporary Western society, are all elements that should give us pause and cause in order to walk side by side and to operate in a more coordinated way than what happened in the past.

The General Chapter of the Venerabils Ordo Sancti Sepulchri believes that the time is ripe for the establishment of an International Council of Christian Knights driven by a strong ecumenical spirit and heir of Vatican II Council.

The Chapter hopes that the various Orders of Templar tradition and heirs of the Paupera Militia Christi come to share a “core” of fundamental and essential values, to work on the things that unite and characterize the different Orders of Christian Chivalry going over to the small vanity and futile rivalry, which may have acted negatively in the past.

The General Chapter of the Venerabilis Ordo Sancti Sepulchri defines the “Charter of Seborga” founding document of the International Council of Christian Knights and hopes that other Orders may agree to be part of this project.

The Register of Honour of the Founding Members of the International Council of Christian Knights is set up as a permanent testimony and memory of those Orders or individual Knights that are identified in the spirit and values of the “Charter of Seborga”.

November 30, 2012 AD, the feast of Saint Andrew the Apostle