The Charter of Seborga


The Charter of Seborga is a very important document; it is a landmark that rules all the activities of the Order.

This paper was requested by the Grand Master (Bro Diego) of the confreres at the General Chapter held on April 23, 2012 AD, one thousand seven hundred and nineth anniversary of the death of St. George, protector of the Knights.

On November 11 of the year of Our Lord 2012 – anniversary of St. Martin of Tours – the Registrar of Venerabilis Ordo Sancti Sepulchri , ratified , definitively , the “Charter of Seborga ” , not being received in the last three months change requests to the document , after it had been approved by the General Chapter , for the first time , on August 20, 2012 , anniversary of the death of St. Bernard of Clairvaux , protector of the Order.

The Charter, which has unlimited time validity, defines and fixes the central and immovable pillars supporting the Order. The Charter is binding to the future and in perpetuity the Knights, the priories, the Chapters as well as all those who will be the spiritual heirs of the Order, from this day onwards, until the end of time. The Charter of Seborga wants to be a poster for the Cavalry to the Lord’s service in the third millennium.

We, Knights of V.O.S.S., also known as the White Knights of Seborga, we proclaim ourserlves as direct descendants of the Knights of the Temple who, with their devotion to Christ, their dedication to the Order and their sacrifice, have honored the Church of Rome and of what we give thanks to God.

In accordance to the documents and the tradition, we affirm our unbroken historical continuity from 1365, the year in which the abbot Pons Lance from the monastery of Lerins decided to reform, in Seborga, the Poor Militia Christi. The Charter consists of XXIII items which constitute the Order’s identity and ensure its survival over the centuries since, as history shows, every time that the Order has moved away from these principles, suffering, turmoil and divisions were born . Our Order will have a bright future as long as follow the path indicated by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Only in this way they will avoid corruption or cowardly compromise.

Those violating these principles will bring disgrace to the Order and they will be expelled, while those who defend these principles and glorify our Lord will be recognized forever as faithful heirs of the Poor Militia of Christ .

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