Certainly we can not live watching or living in the past, however I would like to take a very profound consideration from the Italian writer Primo Levi who survived from the camp of Aushwitz: “All those who forget their past are condemned to relive it.”

The Battle of Belgrade

So we as Knights can not live in the past but we can not forget the past. Therefore, sonce we are living in Europe, which are the European events that can not be forgotten?

Certainly the innumerable and plurisecular attempts of the people of Islam to enter Europe from the west (seven hundred and fifty years of Spanish reconquista ended in 1492), from the east (Beograd 1456 – Vienna 1683) and from the south (Lepanto 1571).

The Battle of Lepanto

Centuries have passed and that mode of violent penetration has been replaced with a new mode, more silent, devious and perhaps even more dangerous: penetration through migration.

It seems to me beyond doubt that there is an attempt to distort our European identity which rests on a common Christian matrix and on values ​​which are the result of painful conquests such as the separation of State and Church, the defense of individual liberties, respect for life, of the family (intended as monogamous), just to name a few.

The Battle of Vienna

In recent years Europe has embarked on a descending parabola: while we witness the collapse of birth rate, reason and science are undermined by emerging superstitions, relativism is rampant, liberalism is dominant, Christian Churches, afflicted by self-defeating goodness, appear to be frozen.

Today the Christian European population is not entirely convinced of the fact that “turning the other cheek” is the most suitable solution, the only one, for the defense of Christianity especially facing violent and bloody behaviours and asks where the monks as Giovanni da Capestrano have gone.

We, knights of the Temple, are an example of this situation: nine centuries after the death by fire of our Grand Master Jacques de Molay, we are still put aside. The Templar knights are still suffering today because of this situation and we do not have that role that institutionally should have in defense of Christianity. We ask the Catholic Church to be courageous and to establish a cause of beatification for De Molay. Today Chinon’s parchment has clearly shown that the accusations were false and Grand Master Jacques died as a martyr of faith in Christ.

Current events must be analyzed to try to understand that this infiltration called migration is pushed, sustained, financed by subjects who want to change Europe, to destroy the European identity and replace it with “innovative” values such as trans-gender culture, rainbow families.

The European Court of Human Rights has recently legitimized an Islamic blasphemy in the interests of “preserving religious peace” in Europe. The ruling effectively establishes a dangerous legal precedent, one that authorizes Europeans to curtail the right to free speech.

From these positions of democratic delirium it seems to understand that the main European problem is not the defense of our cultural, spiritual values but Islamophobia. Nowadays we understand that not all evils come from outside Europe.

Returning to the centuries-old Islamic attempts to penetrate Europe in order to turn it into a Caliphate and impose sharia, it is difficult to think that today the confrontation could end with a battle like that of Belgrade.

At the moment, excluding the war option, the only one adopted in the past, all that remains is to find a way of peaceful coexistence. This option can not be separated from two moments: the need for mutual respect (reciprocity) and the acceptance by migrants of the prevalence of the traditions of the place that they decided to live in. These traditional values can not be distorted. We can not tolerate the removal of the crucifixes from schools, the suppression of Christian feasts, processions, etc.).

The President of Algeria: Houari Boumedienne

To explain the gravity of today’s reality we must refer to what was said by Houari Boumedienne – President of Algeria in his speech at the UN in 1974.

One day, millions of men in the southern hemisphere will go to the northern hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their children. The wombs of our women will give us the victory “.

As we already pointed out, excessive goodness, relativism, the fear of being considered fascists, as well as excessive liberalism and guarantism, the failure to apply concepts of reciprocity in interactions between peoples, are the basis of the current situation.

Today, in front of a financial economic crisis, funds are traded with migrants. This is what happened in Molenbeek, where in Christian Belgium a true Islamic enclave has been created, which is outside any historical, cultural and religious context.

It is clear that what happens in Kosovo is planned elsewhere and is seems to be part of a larger design. Orthodox churches are routinely pillaged while the construction of mosques seems to be financed by Saudi Arabia.

The desire of the European Union to bring Kosovo into the Union despite the radicalism of the Islamic population it is curious and the treatment reserved for the Christian Serbs living there is also curious.

With respect to Islamic immigration Europe presents two faces: that of the east and that of the west. I think that the different perspective is related to the fact that the Western Europe did not experience the persecutions, the massacres, the slavery that the Christian populations of the East had to endure. This situation that lasted for centuries changed the attitude of the populations of the East towards Islam.

Eastern immigrants at the Hungarian border

In the past, Europe has rejected Muslims on their land but there is still an European Christian people that today is under the yoke of Islam: they are the Serbs of Kosovo.

Rereading the story we have to note that it was the Americans, at the time of President Clinton, to reject the Serbs from Kosovo at the time they were trying to recover their land.

We do not have to forget that in Kosovo there is a strong historical heritage of the Orthodox Church with the presence of more than 3000 churches and moreover in Kosovo there is the holy seat of the Serbian Orthodox Church, that today is a prisoner.

I conclude with a pressing invitation to religious authorities of different Christian confessions, in order to start a constructive dialogue among them and with the often mistreated Christian knighthood and send the results to European politicians and the Islamic world.

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