In this dark and cold night that the tradition fixes at the 25th of December and that is part of that series of long nights that we also know as “the winter solstice time”, the Christians remember a great event.

We remember the miracle of the birth of Jesus; the night he decided to make himself visible to humanity.

This is the sense of memory of that holy day that the Christian tradition for two thousand years proposes to

us as “the night of  the Holy Christmas“.

Surely we know that Jesus Christ is alive and sits at the right hand of the Father, we also know that He is present in every atom of the universe, in every drop of

Betlemme, Grotta della Nativita’

dew, in every desert stone, in every lark, in every mountain flower; we know that He is everywhere.

Yet we can not see his face, his presence, but only sense it unless He decides to show himself.

On December 25th we remember and celebrate precisely that day of many years ago when Jesus decided to make himself visible. He did it in great simplicity, he who could have been born in a royal palace; he decided instead to be born in a cold cave. The choice of place, Bethlehem, was not accidental since in Hebrew the term means “the house of bread“.

Soon after, the newborn was laid in a manger.

Bethlehem and the manger remind us that Jesus Christ is our bread and as such should be “eaten”, assimilated, made ours; this happens promptly in the Eucharist.

Christmas is not just a celebration for the heart but also for the brain. The light that Jesus Christ gives us allows us to slash our darkness and to understand how much we still have to work on our negativity, our egoism, our infidelity, our pride, our fears.

In the heart, the child Jesus brings us warmth, affection, goodness, charity, fidelity, purity, humility, hope.

Therefore the message that we Christians have to understand is: “commit ourselves to be good and just and He will stay with us for a long time“.

Of all this, of the Holy Christmas, we desperately need, not only as Knights, as Order, as Seborghini, as Italians, but as members of the human race.

The General Master – Message for the 2018 Holy Chrismas

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