FRIENDS OF THE V.O.S.S. 2018-03-04T23:43:16+01:00

Friends of the V.O.S.S.” it is the association that collaborates with the Venerabilis Ordo Sancti Sepulchri regarding donations and liberalities, purchases and what else is needed for the proper management of the activities of the Order.

Those who have the intention of making donations or liberalities to the V.O.S.S. or become members of this association, will be able to do so using the bank account  at the Bank of Caraglio BCC (IBAN: IT 88A 08439 46050 0000 5010 3697) in the name of “Amici del V.O.S.S.” thet corresponds in English to “Friends of the V.O.S.S.”

The Treasury will treat the case according to the rules in force concerning tax and associationism.