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On these quiet and ubertose hills located in the hinterland of western Liguria, there is a rather complex and mysterious history. Starting from the ninth century, monks and knights, popes and kings began to take care of this tiny and special territory. We are talking about Castrum Sepulchri, sometimes also called Castrum de Sepulchro, and  a holy and mysterious relic here. In 954, the Marquis Guido, called Guidone, Count of Ventimiglia and descendant of the Bishop-Count Claudio Clemente, having to leave to take part in an expedition against the Moors, draws a testamentary document in which he gives to the Abbot Albert and the monks of Abbey of St. Honor of the island of Lérins, the Castrum de Sepulchro and the church of San Michele di Ventimiglia, together with a large adjoining area. From this event will start a millennial history that has certainly not been exhausted.

Between past interferences of ruling houses and bishops, between penniless monasteries and greedy coniators, between folk demonstrations and village fairs, between recent judicial appeals and stamps, between scoundrels, fake orders and fake Princes, it has finally emerged that in Castrum Sepulchri ( the current Seborga) there is an Equestrian Order that has full title to be Sovereign. It is the Venerabilis Ordo Sancti Sepulchri currently under the guidance of Sir Knight Diego Beltrutti of San Biagio.