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Year 1861: Italy is reunified under the Crown of the House of Savoy. From 1861 to 1946 the Principality of Seborga is under the protection of the King of Italy and always maintains its status of Nullius Diocesis. There are no documents from which it can be shown that Seborga was unified to Italy.

Year 1939: about Seborga the Duce of Fascism Benito Mussolini wrote: “The Principality of Seborga does not belong to Italy”.

Year 1946: the Italian Republic is born. The Franco-Anglo-American allies have not attributed the territory of Seborga to the Constituent Assembly that created the Italian Republic. Seborga remains an independent territory under the protectorate of the House of Savoy and has not been annexed to Italy, so it can be said that the Sovereign Principate of Seborga is a State of Right and in Right.

Year 1947: the Treaty of Peace for Italy (Treaty of Paris) indicates that the Italian borders must be brought back to those of 1938 except for some changes that do not affect Seborga.

Year 1947: A referendum (plebiscite) is held in the upper Roja valley to decide whether to stay Italian or move to France. It concerns the municipalities of Tenda, Piena, Briga, Sospello, San Dalmazzo di Tenda but not Seborga. This is because the allied troops consider Seborga a non-Italian territory being part of the Principality of Seborga.