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The Venerabilis Ordo Sancti Sepulchri (V.O.S.S.) with its 653 years of history is the Sovereign Order of Seborga. The Equestrian Order, recognized in Italy as a non-national Order (according to the provisions of Law 178 of 1951), is perfectly inserted in the Christian tradition of which it is a paladin. V.O.S.S. today it is one of the oldest equestrian orders operating in Italy and in Europe. The Venerabilis Ordo Sancti Sepulchri is a very selective chivalric order due to the Rule in which it is recognized; all members, ie professionals, teachers, entrepreneurs, soldiers, etc. they work in the contemporary society where they distinguish themselves in keeping transparent behaviors centered on the trinomial Faith in Christ, Humility and Obedience. The Order today is also open to married people and women with different tasks and roles. For information send an e-mail to: